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Welcome to the IoT Readiness Calculator (IoTRC), the software widget survey-tool that can help you determine your preparedness for deploying IoT solutions.

The IoTRC is a joint development project of the IoT M2M Council and sponsoring companies. By completing this survey, you will be provided with a scorecard that details the readiness of your IoT project, and, uniquely, how your readiness compares to others in the same vertical market you have indicated.

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Note: the results of this survey will be calculated automatically and emailed to the address that you provide above. All fields/questions in the survey must be answered to generate a response. The survey consists of fewer than 30 multiple-choice questions, and we estimate that it will take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete for most individuals.

Please take a moment to describe your specific interest in deploying IoT technology, in 100 characters (or less)
What best describes the role of your business unit in the IoT ecosystem? (choose one)
What best describes your personal role within your business unit? (perhaps as contained in your job title)
In which end-use market are you planning on deploying or using IoT solutions? (choose one)
Have you or your organization deployed connected/embedded devices in the field before?
How do you primarily intend to measure the success of your IoT deployment? (choose one)
What are the biggest internal impediments to moving forward with your IoT project within your business unit?
Which corporate functions are currently on the team that will design / deploy your IoT solution (choose all that apply)?
Which corporate function is leading the team that will design / deploy your IoT solution? (choose only one)
How often does this team meet?
When do you intend to deploy your IoT solution?
What type of vendors have you spoken with about your IoT deploymet? (choose all that apply)
As pertains to the software portion of your deployment, does your business unit plan to build in-house or buy from a 3rd party vendor?
How many connected devices do you intend to put into the field within the first 12 months? (choose one)
How many connected devices do you plan to put in the field full-scale production/deployment?
What do you intend to use the devices and their sensors to do? (choose all that apply)
What are the lifecycle requirements for the devices in the field?
What are your requirements for the privacy and security of data of end-users in your IoT deployment?

a) Right of Data Privacy

b) Right of Data Portability

c) Right of Deletion / To Be Forgotten

What are your requirements for devices to integrate with back-end systems, such as ERP and CRM? (choose one)
How are devices going to get data up to your backend?
What are the range (geographical coverage) requirements of your IoT deployment? (choose one)
What are your latency (reaction time) requirements for this IoT deployment? (choose one)
What are the data transferring frequencies (device polling frequency) for your IoT deployment?
What are your data transmission / bandwidth requirements for this IoT deployment? (choose one)
How would you describe the general requirements of your deployment, in terms of the following issues?

a) Access: to what extent is there movement of devices, or physical access to them?

b) Heterogeneity: to what extent are there many different kinds of devices?

c) Scalability: do you have the ability to centralize your devices?

d) Resource Requirement: to what extent is your application limited by battery life or computing power of the device?

Have you considered the following aspects of IoT security in all deployments? (choose all that apply)